Data Centre Chiller Replacement

As part of a plant upgrade programme at a high-level data centre facility in West London, and following a comprehensive and detailed evaluation process, Frankland Group facilitated the removal and replacement of a large existing chiller unit.

The existing chiller unit had been part of the chilled water plant package for a number of years, and had come to the end of its serviceable life. This particular installation proved to be particularly complex due to a number of factors; the positioning of the existing unit in the plant area in terms of lifting distance and weight, the arrangements required to facilitate a road closure and traffic management in a part-residential area, and the permission for the use of a crane under the flight path of Heathrow Airport.

All works were completed out of hours.



As demonstrated in the photographs, the new chiller unit arrived via road transport and was held in a service area.

The existing unit, which had been fully de-commissioned and separated into two parts, was crane lifted from the plant area and transported from the site.

The new chiller was then lifted into place and fully installed complete with new flow and return pipework and electrical connections.

The process from taking the existing Chiller off-line and installing the new unit  and fully integrated with the exisiting BMS system took less than one week to complete.



The team at Frankland Group organised the full process of mechanical and electrical design of the replacement chiller, the de-commissioning of the of the existing unit, the organisation of the lifting equipment and associated works required to enable a successful installation.


Frankland Group continues to provide the required levels of service required to ensure that the chiller continues to perform within its designed operating parameters.

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